GHK M7 Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light for Home, Waterproof Outdoor Garden & Balcony Lighting

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We present to you a great product to use for your balconies, lobbies, garden or any outskirt areas of your house. M7 Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light has a built-in solar panel. It charges automatically and does not need new batteries. Its built-in solar panel absorbs sunlight for a few hours in daytime and it can light through the night. The light can last upto 6-8 hours once fully charged. It is a great product to save electricity as well as improve efficiency. Make sure to expose it to maximum sunlight in winter season as days are short and sunlight is weaker as compared to summer days. You can use it almost anywhere on your property to deter intruders and illuminate dark areas. It adds Safety to your home dark passageways and unlit corners offer an open invitation to thieves. Strategically placed exterior lights with motion detection capability provide the safety you need. It even helps bring more comfort while you walk at night knowing your home is lit and pathways are clear. It is perfect for garage doors, staircase, pathways, balconies, lobbies and garden areas. Its solar panel makes it durable and more efficient. It is waterproof, lightening proof and easy to install.


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