GHK H61 Portable Compact Flexible Foldable Laptop E-Table Multipurpose, Travel Friendly, Height Adjustable with 2 USB Cooling Fans

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We present to you H61 Portable Compact Flexible Foldable Laptop E-Table which is a unique and multipurpose product and a must have in all households. It is a very compact and comfortable product which can be easily used anytime and anywhere. It has a wide application, can not only be used as a cooler, but also as a laptop/reading table in family, office, car, etc. Easy for operation, set up in seconds, max load 25kgs. Structure suitable for any sized laptop, legs adjustable to any comfortable angles. The e-table has a speciality that its legs and desktop both are foldable so it can be easily folded and kept when not in use. The e-table is a multi-use product, you can use it for working on the laptop, or for writing notes, or else also for keeping your kids busy on their tablet. You can also use it for elderly people to give them their meal on the bed. The e-table desktop has 2 fans incorporated which can be easily used by attaching the USB cable and it helps to keep your laptop cool. It is designed in such a way that you can work and enjoy a snack or your favourite drink simultaneously, as it has a designated place on the desktop to keep your snack or glass.


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