GHK M11 Mini Folding Portable Washing Machine Compact Easy to Use & Store, Travel Friendly, Automatic Cleaning Washer for Travel Home Business Trip (Multicolor)

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We present to you a new & unique product for hassel free washing of clothes or any essential & small items anytime & anywhere. GHK M11 Mini Folding Portable Washing Machine is a great product for home use or travel purpose. It is a top loading style convenient washing machine, suitable for small laundry. No installation is required, easy one button operation. It can be easily installed & used at any time. Also you can wrap the wire at the bottom of the product after usage. GHK M11 is a mini foldable washing machine effective in washing your clothes in just 15minutes time. Suitable for washing light clothes like t-shirts, undergarments, socks, ties, masks, hand towels, baby clothes,etc. GHK M11 is a perfect product for campings, small rooms, small apartments, etc. Portable & Compact easy to store & use anytime & anywhere, can be easily folded and stored in small areas.


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