GHK M9 Ice Cold Bag/Hot Bag 2 in 1 Multipurpose Reusable Instant Pain Relief from Muscle Sprain & Injuries 9Inch, Pack of 1, Multicolour

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We present to you a great product for everybody in the family, and a must have for all households. GHK M9 Hot/Cold Bag is a unique and multiuse product to relieve pain. Its thick fabric makes it leafproof and convenient, so no worries about water spilling out any more. GHK M9 can be used for Hot & Cold therapy. Cold Therapy can be used for Headache,Toothache,Fever,Sprain & other sports injuries. Whereas, Hot Therapy can be used for Muscle pain, strain & stiffness in accordance to what your Doctor has suggested. Easy to fill large opening mouth with cap. It is easily refillable & reusable. For Cold Therapy fill ice cubes in the bag and use it on designated area. For Hot Therapy fill hot water (not boiling) in the bag and use it accordingly. How to Use : Rotate the cap and open the bag. Fill the bag two-thirds with ice or hot water. Rotate and tighten the cap securely. Apply on designated area. After application remove the water from bag and keep it safely. Portable & Compact easy to store & use anytime & anywhere.


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