GHK H85 Toothpaste Dispenser with 5 Toothbrush Holder for Home Bathroom Usage (Wall Mount)

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We present to you a new & unique product which is easy to install and easy to use on a daily basis. H85 Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser is a great product to install in your bathrooms. It consists of toothpaste dispensing unit and a holder with lid to hold 5 toothbrushes. It can be easily wall mounted as it consists of the double sided tape. It has been designed to give you comfort and convenience at the same time. It works on simple one touch method and helps prevent wastage as it pumps out the last drop of paste as well. It helps keep your paste & brushes hygienic and clean all the time. Once you stick it leave it for 24hours and then start using it so that it is fixed tightly. Your complete family brushes can be kept together hygienically. USAGE : Take out the toothpaste lid and insert it in the suction inlet. Make sure it is tightly inserted otherwise, air flows will occur. Clean the surface nicely where you want to install the Toothpaste Dispenser. The surface must not be dirty or wet. Now put the double sided adhesive tape on the surface and stick the units. Once you install it in your bathroom leave it for 24hours and then start using it so that it is fixed tightly.


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