GHK H91 Blackhead Remover Pore Cleaner Vaccum Action Portable Beauty Device for Complete Skin Care with 4 Suction Heads

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We present to you a significant product to help you get your pores clean at home without visiting the salon. GHK H91 Blackhead Remover Pore Cleaner has a powerful yet gentle vaccum that pulls out dirt & oil from deep inside your pores giving you flawless looking skin. Now no more squeezing your delicate skin. It is a portable and compact product which you can use anytime and anywhere. It has 4 suction heads : Small Head : Gentle suction, perfect for everyday use. Large Head : Strong suction, perfect for blackheads. Oval Head : Oval opening helps to reach corners of nose & mouth. Sonic Head : Helps exfoliate while pulling dirt & oil from skin. How To Use : Attach the suction head of your choice. Before using the product use a hot towel or steamer for 5minutes to open the pores. Use the product to and fro around the pores. After usage, wash your face with cold water or use can use ice water towel to shrink your pores. Also remove the suction head and wash it thoroughly. Precautions : Do not use it for more than 5minutes. Do not use it on same point for a long time. It may damage your skin. Do not use if you have any blisters on face. Always only wash the suction heads after removing from the main unit.


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