GHK H87 Acupressure Magnetic Needle Ball Massager(Pack of 2,Golden-Silver)

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We present to you a great product to improve blood circulation in your complete body. GHK H87 Acupressure Magnetic Needle Ball Massager are great for daily use. The acupressure magnetic balls contain magnets to aid in improving blood circulation while being used. For best results, hold the ball in your palm and gently press the ball with light hands. You can also rub the ball between your palms. 5-10 minutes of daily usage is enough. It benefits not only your hands but, complete body. Hundreds of spiked points on the ball help eliminate tension and relax the body. Effective for the relief of fatigue, muscle pain and stiffness. Use it anytime & anywhere. You can use it while watching tv, travelling,or working. It is a perfect product for all in family members elderlies, housewives, working persons & kids.


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