GHK H67 Acupressure Sujok Ball Energy Ball Plastic for Hands & Feet, Unisex

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We present to you H67 Acupressure Sujok Ball which is one of the most popular items of Sujok therapy. It is simple but very effective in toning up all organs. It promotes an immediate sense of well-being, bringing a smile to the body and mind. It is a perfect stress buster. Roll it between your hands for 5-10 minutes daily and forget all your tensions. It helps stimulate acupressure points on your hands and activates blood and oxygen flow in the body. Thus making you feel energetic. It is made up of plastic material and has rounded-off edges so while you use it, it does not hurt your skin and thus solves the purpose as well. Perfect acupressure product for regular usage. H67 Acupressure Sujok Ball helps relieve numbness and stiffness in fingers due to long time writing, typing, driving, illness and injury. Perfect product for teachers, school children, housewives & working persons. A great product for people who have to work for long hours on the computer. Whenever you feel tired just take a 5 minutes break and use this product to refresh yourself. For best results use it in the morning as well as in the evening to feel energetic and relaxed. Light weight, Easy to Use Anytime, Anywhere.


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