GHK H39 USB Port Usage Mimo Mini Portable Compact Full Body Vibration Massager Multicolor

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GHK H39 Mimo Mini Portable Compact Full Body Vibration Massager eases muscle ache and improves blood circulation. It can be used anytime, anywhere while sitting, standing or lying down. Its compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere. It is a necessary healthcare product for work, life and study. Its a high performance vibrator which provide best massage effect. Ergonomic design, fits human body well. Easy touch operation. Ultra-compact and light weight, convenient for carrying anywhere. Operates on Battery as well as USB Power. Helps Relieve Muscle Pain & Body Aches. Safe & Reliable Provides Quick Relief. Suitable For Home, Office & While Travelling. Note : Colour Will Be Dispatched As Per Stock Availability.


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