GHK H100 Mini Fascial Gun Deep Body Massage for Pain Relief Portable & Compact Multi-Use Relaxation Chargeable Massager Unisex, Multicolour

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We present to you GHK H100 Mini Fascial Gun Massager which is a portable & compact product which you can carry anywhere & use anytime according to your convenience. It comes with a USB cable so you can easily charge it through computer, adaptor or power bank. GHK H100 is light weight & suitable for use in home, office, gym or travel. Perfectly designed to fit in your palm & massage each & every muscle of your body. This Massager uses a spherical massage head to give you deep tissue massage & help relax tired muscles. It has two speeds & operates with low noise but, strong power. It is made up of powerful motor which gives powerful & deep penetration. It is a wholesome product which not only helps release muscle stiffness & soreness but, also improves blood circulation in the body. It operates on 1 touch button, to turn On/Off Long press the button, to change speed single press. Ideal for people who suffer from neck pain, shoulder pain, etc due to long working/driving hours. The best part is that GHK H100 is such a product which can be used by most age groups weather it is any youngster, adult, fitness enthusiast or elderly. Perfect gift for all.


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