GHK H42 Portable Compact 5 In 1 Skin Smoothing Body Care Beauty Face Massager

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Enhance your skin by using H42 5 in 1 Skin Smoothing Body & Face Beauty Care Facial Massager. It is operated by 2xAA batteries (not included) & comes with five attachments which help in getting you a smooth and healthy skin. This Facial Massager is very effective in helping you clean your face, thanks to its soft, rotating head. It helps in Exfoliating dead skin cells to reveal a new you. Massage and application of cream to better penetrate the skin and keep it nourished and hydrated. It also helps to remove dead blood cells from under your foot or elbow. Convenient and easy to use, this is by far the most time-saving product used for smoothing the dry, rough skin on your heels. This particular massager provides you with a number of healthy benefits. It helps remove hard cells on the face, elbows or arms. It massages your skin in order to build your muscle and skin tone. Attachments & Its Use : Massage Sand Sheet : Crude Polish Accessory to Rip the Tough Skin. Makeup Sponge : Latex Soft Sponge for Eye, Cheek Massaging. Latex Soft Sponge : Make-up Sponge to Massage & Clean your Skin. Massage Wheel : Rolling Massager to Make Better Blood Circulation. Nylon Brush : Soft Brush to Clear Up All the Scurf Clings on the Surface.


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