GHK H21 Reliefmat Acupressure Power Mat Massager with Magnetic Pyramids for Blood Circulation (Multicolour)

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The acupressure massage therapy stimulates and activates the body’s own energies to help fight illness and restore harmony. Acupressure has a lot of advantages for physical, spiritual, and mental health. It helps to relieve pain, reduces strain, increases blood circulation, and provides a relaxing effect to the body. In a nutshell, acupressure involves the simple act of applying pressure to various points on our bodies and it does wonders to alleviate the aches, pains, tension, and built up stresses on our bodies. Acupressure works by stimulating the thousands of nerves in our hands and feet, thereby increasing blood flow. Reliefmat acupressure power mat massage plate focuses on reflex points on the soles. Feels more energetic, reduce pain and relieve stress. Acupressure uses reflexology to cure all types of health problems just by walking. The reliefmat acupressure magnetic power mat acts as a ‘holistic healer’ and focuses on the ‘reflex points’ on the soles of the feet. It provides comfort and relaxation by inducing pressure that massages your foot when you walk on it. These mats encourage mental peace, which in turn results in a healthy body. Our power mats are fitted with strong magnets, which help in improving blood circulation. The acupressure mat helps to stimulate blood circulation, oxygen flow to every part of the body and you will feel much more energetic and far less stressed. It has a very compact, effective & attractive shape which is unbreakable. One size fits all. Perfect for everyone in the family.


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