GHK F2 Muscle Strengthening Multifunctional Pull Rope Wheel Manual Exerciser with Free Bag Home Gym Equipment Fitness Body Toner for Both Men & Women

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GHK F2 Muscle Strengthening Pull Rope Wheel Manual Exerciser is a great product for muscle strengthening. It is a multi use product as you can use it to strengthen your various body muscles like abs, chest, arms, calf, thigh, shoulders,etc. As your chest includes some of the largest muscles in the upper body, you use those muscles all day long. You push open a door, wash your hair, or get up and down from the floor. It’s important to keep them strong for all your daily activities. The stronger your chest muscles are, the stronger your entire body is. Its ideally used for intense abdominal training & complete body workout. It comes with flexible sliding wheels on the sides with sponge coated handles for better grip and comfort. Designed in such a way that after usage you can easily store it as it comes with a free bag for easy storage.


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