GHK F11 Gym Ball for Multiple Exercise with Inflating Pump Anti Burst Technology Ideal for Workout for Men and Women Pregnancy/Fitness Tool Balance Stability Training Yoga Ball Multicolor

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We present to you GHK F11 Gym Ball for Multiple Exercise easily cultivates your balance and awakens your deep muscles, as with a potentially movable base, you will have to work harder to maintain your balance. When used properly, GHK F11 Gym Ball can strengthen the core (abdominal and lower back muscles). These muscles are used to perform daily activities. A strong core helps to protect the back and stabilize the whole body, including the spine, pelvis, hips and shoulders. GHK F11 is made up of premium quality material which makes it deflate slowly & burst resistant if punctured, thus reduces the risk of injury due to sudden fall. Our Gym Ball is Non-slip as it has non-slip lines which provide ultimate grip when performing exercises. It can be used in multiple ways for core strengthening exercises, warm up sessions, stability exercises, Yoga Ball & Pregnancy support exercises. An Exercise Gym Ball is an inexpensive & highly practical piece of equipment anyone can incorporate into their exercise routine. The Gym Ball can be difficult for beginners because it creates an unstable surface, but with a little practice, this Gym Ball can be a great tool and even help you use your muscles in new ways. The best way to use an exercise gym ball as a beginner is to practice simple core and leg exercises to build your confidence. Regularly exercising with the ball helps you maintain the natural curve of your spine, which helps you to keep from arching your back and protect the spine in long run. GHK F11 Gym Ball can also be used to warm up & stretch your muscles before your routine workout. Improved flexibility can reduce risk of injury and keep your muscles and joints functional.


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