GHK F9 Self-Suction Portable Sit Up Abdominal Muscle Exerciser Sit-Up/Push-Up Bar, Perfect for Home Workout or Outdoor Unisex

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We present to you a perfect home use equipment which is easy to install and use anytime & anywhere. GHK F9 Self-Suction Sit Up Bar is the ideal product for fitness freaks. A unique product which helps you carry out various exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, elbow plank, press-up, etc.You can very easily set this sit-up bar anywhere and workout instantly as it is easy to carry & install. Very Suitable for working people who are busy and don’t get time to exercise. Appropriate use helps strengthen & tone your entire body while focussing on your abs, core, arms, shoulders, upper & lower back. It is made up of high density foam handles which support your ankles & prevent injuries to happen. GHK F9 is height adjustable so you can fix according to your requirement. The product contains 3 main parts : fixture, height adjuster & foams. Installation : Firstly select a flat ground surface which is clean. Put the sit-up bar on the floor & pull down the lock to secure it. Now insert the Handle Bar & adjust the height accordingly. Finally insert the foams & you are ready to exercise.


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