GHK S18 Abdominal Belt for Complete Back Support Multi Use Post Delivery Tummy Reduction Back Pain Relief Breathable Fabric Unisex, Size : S

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We present to you an exclusive Back Support Belt used for various purposes. GHK S18 Abdominal Support Belt is a compression belt which provides ideal support for the abdominal muscles. It supports and compresses the abdominal muscles, used in post surgery conditions or as a slimming belt. Abdominal Belt is a compression belt that encircle abdomen, commonly used to augment the recovery process after any abdominal surgery. Made from extra strong orthopedic & breathable fabric provides great flexibility and optimum comfort. Wearing an abdominal belt can help with bad back by improving one’s posture and the pain they experience during a large part of their day. GHK S18 Abdominal Belt can also be used for post-pregnancy abdominal pain, toning weak abdominal muscles and other similar conditions. It is a Unisex product and can be used by Men & Women.


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