GHK H82 Magnetic Cervical Belt for Complete Relief (Unisex, Navy-Blue)

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In Today’s busy & hectic lifestyle everybody is suffering from neck cervical pain. Cervical causes a lot of pain and stiffness in and around the neck. We present to you H82 Magnetic Cervical Belt which helps relieve cramps in neck, swelling of shoulders & pain in neck due to long working/driving hours. Ideally in the starting it should be worn for 5-10 minutes in the morning & evening, slowly & gradually you can increase the time span as per your comfort. Make sure to wear it in such a way that the magnetic part remains on the neck. With its correct usage you can attain a peaceful mind & body. H82 Magnetic Cervical Belt helps improve blood & oxygen flow in the complete body. It is comfortable, easy to wear and easy to use. It comes with Velcro closure so you can adjust according to your neck size. Do not use this product if you are pregnant.


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