GHK H80 Back & Neck Kneading Massage Pillow for Complete Relaxation with AC Adaptor & Car Charger

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We present to you a new & unique portable & compact massager which is multi-functional & helps relieve tensed muscles. GHK H80 2 in 1 Car & Home Use Neck Kneading Massage Pillow is a great product for body aches ranging from neck, back or leg pain. In today’s busy life schedules everybody is suffering from stress and muscle aches due to long working/driving hours. This kneading massager helps you relax in just 15minutes. It eases out pain from various parts of the body thus gives you a relaxing effect. It provides powerful kneading massage for neck, shoulder, back & legs. Regular massage helps eliminate fatigue, relieves excess work pressure & also improves blood circulation in the body. The moving roller heads gives a wholesome experience of a real massage. It comes with an AC Adaptor as well as a car charger. It can be easily fixed to car seat through the elastic band at the back. Usage Instructions : Home/Office Use : Please connect the output plug of power adaptor with the massager. Now insert the input plug into the socket. Car Use : Please connect the car lighter wire with the massager and insert into car lighter socket. Please use GHK H80 Massager as follows : 1.Press On/Off Button : It will start Light & Roller function. 2.Press On/Off Button: It will change direction of massage. 3.Press On/Off Button:Its Light function will turn off. 4.Press On/Off Button : Massager will turn off. Please unplug the power plug after usage. Never put much pressure on massager as this may obstruct the rollers from moving. Safety Instructions : 1. Do not operate the control switch with wet hands. 2. Keep the product away from any kind of liquid. 3. Please do not use the product while sleeping. 4. After a session of 15minutes give a gap of 5-10 minutes to the machine before using it again. 5. Please do not sit or stand on it. 6. Do not use the product if you are pregnant. 7. Consult your doctor before use if you have past history of heart disease. 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty (Accidental Damage not covered).


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