GHK H73 Y Shape 3D Massager Portable & Compact Face Roller Skin Lifting & Firming Beauty Product for Complete Body

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We present to you a new and trending beauty product H73 3D Massager which is a great product for uplifting skin and for improving blood flow in the entire body. Let your body relax and rejuvenate with this great 3D Massager from the house of Alag Enterprises. It is a multi use product which can be used on your face, neck, shoulders, arms, waist, calf & thighs. This roller massager can be used for facial care & body care. It efficiently lifts & tightens your skin thus helps fight anti-ageing signs. By rolling it constantly on your face, it helps exercise your facial muscles & improves blood flow. It is based on new kneading technology, it can rotate 360 degree, which makes it feasible & useable on all body parts. How to Use : Face : Roll the H73 3D Massager from bottom to top using light pressure on your cheek & chin. Be careful while using the product, do not overexert. Neck : Grip the handle firmly and start from the shoulder roll towards the neck. Roll it to and fro to release tensed muscles. Arms : Grip the handle firmly and roll the massager from the elbow towards the hand or from the elbow towards the underarm from the inner side of the arm. Calf : Roll the H73 3D Massager starting from the ankle towards the calf until the back of the knee. It is portable, compact & lightweight. It is a manual massager does not require charging, it is waterproof as well. It can be used anytime & anywhere at your convenience.


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