GHK H51 Multi Function Portable Footbath Spa Massager for Complete Relaxation

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GHKH51 Multi Function Footbath Spa Massager is the perfect way to rejuvenate yourself at the end of a hard work day. It helps relieves stress as it regulates the flow of blood and improve its circulation. After a tiring day, just simply dip your feet in this foot massager that gives you bubble and a vibrating massage. The Massager has a Prominent head which accords with the Foot Structure,Cooperate with high frequency to shake,stimulate the foot point effectively,promote the energies to circulate,improve metabolism,improve the resistance against diseases. This Foot Spa scrubs, buffs and massages your feet. It is best to use it with warm water for added relaxation. FEATURES : Heat Automatically : Add hot water and put both your feet in the massager. It helps improve blood circulation and relieves days stress. Shake Massage : Its high frequency vibration helps stimulate the point of foot bottom of massage constantly at the bottom of the basin, strengthen’s human body’s immunity. Magnetotherapy : The magnetic field formed through magnet acts on the point with corresponding foot. The function of magnetic field helps strengthen the resistance of the human body & increases metabolism. Gas wave Oxygenation : Warm completely inside & outside when cooperating with the foot bath, the pore is expanded all over, breathe & accelerate, promotes cells activation. Infrared Physiotheraphy : Promotes the blood circulation, regulates blood pressure, & improves the joint pain. Ball Massage : Stimulate the circulation of the blood & cause the muscles & joints to relax, massage sole point. REGULATOR FUNCTIONS: 0 : Off 1: Air Bubble,Infrared, Vibration, Heating 2 : Air Bubble, Vibration 3 : Infrared Heating


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