GHK H50 Deluxe Luxurious Leg, Calf and Foot Massager with Height Adjustable

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GHK H50 Deluxe Luxurious Leg, Calf & Foot Massager is a great product with classy looks. People with pain in the foot and calf area have benefited from this unique product and its a perfect gifting item these days. You can now enjoy comfortable massage every day at home. It has a powerful air pressure massage mechanism which helps relieve you from your days stress. The calf massage mechanism can be moved upward or downward to adjust the height according to the length of the user’s calf. It can also be tilted to 45 degrees backward according to the users sitting position. It is at 90 degrees by default. The intensity of the air pressure massage can be adjusted to be Strong, Medium and Weak.The airbag massage for calf can fully relieve the aches of calf’s arising from walking or longtime standing. It has a total of 34 airbags from which 12 are for the calf and 22 are for the foot. Auto Shut-Off Time : 20 minutes. Zip-out hand-washable fabric liner for the sake of cleanliness and sanitation.


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